Bullet Reloaded

Bullet Reloaded
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The original 2007 CODE NAME: BULLET DVD continues to be very successul. More than any other release, enthusiasts for the TR7 and TR8 range of cars have been demanding we follow it up. In particular more was wanted about the cars in America: specifically the racing programme where the cars enjoyed much success. Most famous in this area are the Group 44 Inc. racing wedges and so Bob Tullius is on hand to give us the inside story and talks us through the start of the TR7 programme all the way through the stunning TR8 IMSA GTO cars with which he had"more fun than anything else". Paul Brand, Group 44 Inc. PR Manager was there just as the TR7 was about to be launched and he talks us through the early days when the team collected one of the first pre-production shells and turned it into a race car.