Kas Kastner's Triumphs: Race, Street & Special Cars

Kas Kastner's Triumphs: Race, Street & Special Cars
Brand: R.W. "Kas" Kastner
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This book is a continuation of the series Kas has written on Triumph cars. This is a full size 8.5" X 11" book with 252 pages and over 500 photos. It covers stories on Triumph cars from Australia with a 290 bhp TR-2, and in Germany, a lap in a TR-6 on the Nuerburgring F-1 track, to Canada where a TR-3 body is fit to a TR-6 chassis. There are lots of other fix-it stuff, articles and stories. A big section is devoted to the building of a GT-6 racer from scratch. Choosing the best of 3 junkers, the racer is built up over the period of the past twenty months and covered in detail, from suspension, drive line, body additions and fixing, making lexan windows, to the engine dyno run. Detail views of the engine building and preparation which produced 204 bhp at 8000 rpm may help you build any engine. Fourteen chapters deal with the construction in photos and text. Roll cage building , painting, chassis work, engine building all done right in the home garage of Chuck Gee, 2007 winner of the Kastner Cup in his top notch 1500 Spitfire. So you can enjoy more of the detail of the photos, most in color, a DVD comes with each book. There are many photos on this DVD that there was not enough room to put in the book. Put the DVD in your computer, view and enlarge!